A Bespoke Cognitive Behavioural Wellbeing Programme

Note, some of these topics may be of assistance if issues around COVID-19 are negatively impacting on your psychological wellbeing.


  1. Anxiety Management
  2. Confidence
  3. Resilience
  4. Positivity
  5. Psychological Focus
  6. Stress Management
  7. Mindfulness-Based Cognition
  8. Gratitude
  9. Self-Acceptance
  10. Self-Esteem
  11. Self-Compassion
  12. Optimism

Why do this particular wellbeing programme?
Proactive mental health care! The aim of this Cognitive Behavioural Wellbeing Programme is to work with clients (on a one-to-one basis) to develop individual level protective factors. Individual level protective factors such as those listed above are one of the key determinants of mental health.

Who is it for?
Employees, adolescents, parents, members of the public. In short, anybody!

How does it work?
You – the client – select the topics that you consider to be most relevant to your individual needs. You can choose one topic or twelve topics or any number of topics in-between. You also choose whether to have consultations in person or online. Contact me for a free initial phone consultation with no obligations. For testimonials click here.

Consultation Fee and Payment Options
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To Book a Consultation
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Note: This is not Therapy.