Working with people on purpose and meaning in life has been an amazing and liberating experience for them (according to them) – and for me. For testimonials click here. In case you may be wondering what the Purpose And Meaning In Life experience involves in practical terms perhaps I can try to describe it as follows.

I work with people in-person and online. If I work with you in-person our first session will consist of us sitting across from each other and exploring what might be required by you. Online work involves the same process remotely. During this process we introduce ourselves to each other and I then lead you on a discursive, exploratory journey that is bespoke to you and that is intended to clarify – for you – purpose and meaning in your life.

As no two people are the same and as our work together is all about you, this process differs from person to person. So too does the number of sessions required and the frequency at which they take place. On average this process can take @5 sessions but you do not have to commit to a specified number of sessions and you are free to drop out at any time if you so wish, but in truth nobody has to date.

When our work together concludes, its benefits – which will be unique to your specific needs – are designed to remain with you long into the future. Follow-on check-in sessions are available if required to ensure that you continue to feel supported, listened to and valued.

If you feel that I may be able to help you in any way why not consider taking the next step by contacting me to find out more or to make an appointment. It would be great to hear from you. Bookings can also be made using the booking form below if required. Thank you for visiting my website.