The Conscious Athlete 1

Performance Enhancement via Personal Development

Are your personal blind-spots preventing you from reaching your potential? Do you even know what they are and that they exist? For the ‘thinking’ athlete, this one hour session examines those blind spots and explores the reciprocal relationship between sport and self-awareness.


  1. Realising that being an athlete can have a hidden purpose.
  2. Creating a more accurate image of your opponents.
  3. Taking responsibility for communicating your needs and desires.
  4. Becoming more intentional in your interactions.

Further Information
The Conscious Athlete 1 is the first of a series of two sessions on the topic of The Conscious Athlete.  Each session examines four components of what it means to be a Conscious Athlete. You do not have to complete both sessions as completing any one of them will be instructive. On completion you will leave with knowledge and bespoke practical applications that are unique to you.

The objective is performance enhancement via personal development in a way that goes beyond standard psychological skills training. The Conscious Athlete 1 is suitable for all athletes of all levels in all sports. It is available in-person or online.

The Conscious Athlete 1 does not deal with the concept of socially conscious athletes who, through their sport, try to promote social change.

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