“Just as the caterpillar thought the world was ending it turned into a beautiful butterfly” – Chuang Tzu

Difficult thoughts and difficult emotions are normal. I know that. I also know that change is possible. I know that change is possible because I have facilitated and witnessed significant change in many of the magnificent people that I have been honoured to work with as my clients. For client testimonials click here.

In case you may be wondering what the Cognitive Behavioural Therapy experience involves in practical terms perhaps I can try to describe it as follows.

Some of the issues that I work with include, anxiety, depression, phobias, eating issues, substance issues, sleep  problems, obsessive compulsion, feeling a bit out of sorts but not knowing why, and a variety of behaviours that people would like to change.

I work with people in-person and online with sessions typically lasting for roughly 55 minutes. If I work with you in-person our first session will consist of us sitting across from each other and exploring what might be required by you and what success might look like for you. Online work involves the same process remotely. During this phase we introduce ourselves to each other, I explain the CBT model to you and we go through a structured exercise collaboratively to identify your precise needs.

As no two people’s issues are the same and as our work together is all about you, your CBT journey will be different from other people’s. So too might the number of sessions required by you and the frequency at which they take place. Typically between 6 and 20 sessions occur but as we progress it is you who will  ultimately decide the number and frequency of sessions based on your needs and your availability. I am more than happy to facilitate your wishes. The sessions in question are highly structured to ensure continuous progress.

When our work together concludes, its benefits – which will be unique to your specific requirements – are designed to remain with you long into the future. Follow-on check-in sessions are available if required to ensure that you continue to feel supported, listened to and valued.

If you feel that I may be able to help you in any way why not consider taking the next step by contacting me to discuss your needs or to make an appointment. It would be great to hear from you. Bookings can also be made using the booking form below if required. Thank you for visiting my website.