Sport Mindset for performance enhancement

The Mindset Expertise in Sport Programme (MESP) is a Cognitive Behavioural Programme for Athletes and Sports People. It is provided 1:1 in person or online. 


1. Goal Setting in sport
2. Attitude in sport
3. Confidence in sport 
4. Motivation in sport
5. Positivity in sport
6. Resilience in sport
7. Mindfulness in sport
8. Visualisation in sport
9. Focus in sport
10. Anxiety Management in sport
11. Emotional Intelligence in sport
12. Self-Esteem in sport
13. Decision Making in sport
14. Change Management in sport
15. The MAC Approach
16. Flow in sport

Why do it?
To optimise your performance and for general mental health in sport. Cognitive Behavioural interventions are now frequently used in non-therapeutic settings – such as sport. As such I have developed this programme which consists of the application of evidence-based Cognitive Behavioural techniques for performance enhancement in sport, for mental health in sport and for the management of injury, loss and retirement.

How does it work?
Because everybody’s needs are different the content and duration of the MESP differ from person to person. You are not required to complete the full programme. Basically you do the bits that you need. Contact me for a free initial phone consultation with no obligations. For testimonials click here.

Consultation Fee and Payment Options
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Note: This is not Therapy.