Flow in Sport

The Theory and Practice of Flow in Sport

What is Flow and why do this workshop?
Flow is defined as a state in which people are so intensely involved in an activity that nothing else seems to matter (Csikszentmihalyi, 1990). Flow is highly desirable for athletes due to the association between flow and peak performance. This relationship is particularly relevant to elite athletes for whom the margins between success and failure in competition are often extremely small.

During this webinar participants will be introduced to some theoretical background and they will then learn how to develop and maintain the Flow State in Sport. The webinar is suitable for athletes, coaches, managers and anybody with an interest in the Flow State in Sport or in performance enhancement via personal development.

How does it work?
Unless otherwise stated this webinar is provided on an as needed basis in 1:1 format or in group format. If you would like to do the webinar individually or as part of a group simply contact me and we will make it happen.

Date: You tell me!!
Time: Again, you tell me!!
Location: Online (Zoom or Teams)
Cost: Cost: 1:1  €60.00. Group  €100.00
Presenter: Fergus McGrath

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