The Flow State – also sometimes known as being in the zone – is a term used to describe a harmonious and intrinsically rewarding state of effortless excellence, in which one is completely absorbed in an activity or performance.

Would you like to use the Flow State to improve your creative experience and potentially your output? The good news is . . . you can!

Flow for creativity

Flow during creativity is a most treasured and memorable creative experience. Crucially, flow is not an unattainable, ethereal, phenomenon that is the preserve of a select few. Rather, it is a state of consciousness that can be developed.

This two-session programme on ‘The Theory And Practice of Flow in Creativity’ is suitable for artists, musicians, writers, performers, sculptors or indeed anybody who would like to use the flow state to develop their creativity and their enjoyment of their craft while also learning more about themselves.

To ensure a bespoke experience the sessions are delivered on a one-to-one basis and can take place in-person or online. The sessions cost €60 each and last for approximately 45 minutes per session.

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