The Aware Self: A Compendium Of Conscious Living

Chapter Titles

  1. Singing In The Robber’s Face
  2. Home James, And Don’t Spare The Horses
  3. An Entreaty, A Salutation, And A Genuflexion
  4. A Quadrille In A Sentry Box
  5. Cabbages With A College Education
  6. What Is This Thus
  7. The Burden Of The Incommunicable
  8. Caveat Emptor
  9. Good Grief
  10. The Earthquake Is Not Satisfied At Once
  11. Blank Cheques Of Intellectual Bankruptcy
  12. The Purple-Lined Palace Of Sweet Sin
  13. Pour Oil In Their Ears And Send Them Hence
  14. The Maddest Merriest Day
  15. Plain Living And High Thinking
  16. Sighed, And Looked, And Sighed Again
  17. I’m Not Even A Bus, I’m A Tram
  18. Sobs, Sniffles, And Sneers
  19. If Youth Knew, If Age Could
  20. Velut Luna Statu Variables
  21. The Ghost Of Sigmund Freud

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